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Ishida Ayumi Tries to Eat Flower, Gets Embarrassed About It

March 13, 2018



1: 名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/

This flower~



I wonder if I could eat it...


Didn't I express that well with my face? LOL


Hahahaaa! How embarrassing! LOL


3: 名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/

That doesn't look nutritious.


5: 名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/

She certainly is good at expressing things with her face.


6: 名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/

Here's a girl who's gotten so hungry she's lost her mind.


11: 名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/

What is she, a schoolkid without a lunch?


12: 名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/

How is this so cute?


14: 名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/

Her dress shirt is way too long.


16: 名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/

*eats flower*

*tastes terrible*


19: 名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/

Ayumin's pretty cute.


23: 名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/

Ayumi, your jokes about being poor are getting old. We all know your family's rich.


26: 名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/

Ayumin's so cuuuuuuuuuuute.

I want a girlfriend like this.


28: 名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/

She can't hide her good breeding.


30: 名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/

I wanna kidnap her.


31: 名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/

Finally, it's the Daaishi feeling again.


32: 名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/

If you're hungry, just invite Yamaki.


33: 名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/

There are actual elementary school kids like this, LOL. She's like an elementary schooler.


35: 名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/

I like how Daaishi's always writes while thinking about entertaining the people who read her blog.


37: 名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/

This is Daaishi making the most of her stature.






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